About Us

White Water Exim Private Limited (WWEPL) stands as the distinguished flagship of the Raghuvir Group of Industries. We specialise in the import, marketing, and distribution of Petrochemicals, their Derivatives, Solvents, Dyes Intermediates, Speciality, and Performance Chemicals, serving both domestic and international markets. Driven by the surging demand for Petrochemical Solvents and their finished products, Raghuvir Group has brought its exceptional expertise, experience, and ethical standards to the forefront of the chemical distribution industry, both in India and abroad. We have not only created an extensive client base but have also earned their trust through our unwavering commitment to delivering quality products and our profound market insights. Our client base spans in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, basic chemicals, dyes and intermediates, agrochemicals, paints, thinners, plywood and laminate, pesticides, formaldehyde, synthetic fibres and resins, detergents, lubricants, and other large-scale manufacturing sectors. The factors driving our remarkable success are our in-depth industry knowledge, punctual order fulfilment, transparent business practices, a team of qualified and trained professionals, and market-leading prices.

Our Vision

Our Mission

Core Values

At WWEPL, we balance growth and dignity, business and ethics, progress and the planet. Our core values are:

Quality Services

Committed to delivering products and services that conform to the highest quality standards for efficiency.


We ensure dependable products and services across diverse industries.


Developing business processes that create strong and lasting enterprises.


Demonstrating responsible care for society.

Core Values

Why Us?

Provider with proven all-around expertise to deliver winning solutions. Our goal is to create a competitive advantage for our customers by offering innovative and superior solutions, products, and services. WWEPL provides cutting-edge distribution solutions, helping you find the solutions you need in the ever-evolving world of chemicals.
The chemical industry is complex and diverse, and Raghuvir Group, with over fifty years of international business success, has gained unparalleled insight into this industry’s intricacies. While many can trade, distribute, manufacture, or provide logistics, WWEPL excels as a solution.